MediaOps Solutions for Remote Workforce and Distance Learning

An unpredictable world means a new way of living life and accomplishing daily tasks. Sosik-Hamor Networks
will help you adapt, and guide you through revitalizing your workspaces and infrastructure.

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Sosik-Hamor Networks is MediaOps

Small office, home office, and distance learning environments have irrevocably changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution is MediaOps.

MediaOps is the amalgamation of modern, secure technologies, equipment, and services needed for reliable remote workforces and engaging distance learning environments. High-speed Wi-Fi networks and broadband internet connections are now the bare minimum, and the many US households with members still sharing a single mobile tablet or smartphone are falling behind.

Savvy employees and students have become accustomed to the professionally- and influencer-produced HD video of YouTube channels and Instagram stories. That discerning audience now expects classroom presenters, webinar hosts, and remote team meeting leads to achieve that same degree of content quality, which requires a home-office or small-office broadcast studio.

But MediaOps solutions are also for students and attendees. Slow Wi-Fi, choppy audio, low-quality webcams, and poor lighting make it difficult for teachers and presenters to interact with their viewers.

Sosik-Hamor Networks will find your MediaOps solution, and revitalize your workspace and infrastructure.


Productivity is the end product…

We’re firm believers in deploying the right tool for the job, and the consumer-grade and business-class equipment installed by many internet providers is no longer sufficient for remote work or distance learning.

From laptops, tablets, and affordable enterprise-class Wi-Fi networks to HD webcams, studio lighting, and aesthetic backgrounds, the right tools ensure more productive and gratifying work and learning environments.

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Our Services Build Soltuions

Sosik-Hamor Networks is an end-to-end jack-of-all-trades solution provider.

Safety and Security

Security, privacy, and online safety, and training is deeply-ingrained in every solution we offer.

Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi Networks

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi access point installation and configuration.

Enterprise-Class Wired Ethernet Networks

Cloud-managed wired Ethernet switch installation and configuration.

Streaming Video Cameras

Studio-quality video streaming using HD Webcams or your existing DSLR or Mirrorless digital camera.


Corporate headshot, family and profile portrait, commercial-industrial, event, and product photography.

Website Design

Revitalize your web presence with a fresh WordPress, Squarespace, or Jamstack website.

Brand and Image Management

Discover and take control of web properties using your data for profit.

Social Media Management

Streamline your social media presence.

We design gratifying workspaces and productive online experiences.

Tell us your story! Let us know about the productivity quirks, poor video quality, or network glitches in your current workspace, and we’ll show you what we have to offer!

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